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QR codes go big

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QR codes have been growing in popularity for some time. Now they’re getting even bigger. Thousands of square feet bigger, that is.

We recently ran across articles titled Largest. QR Code. Ever. But Why? and Rooftop QR Codes Aim to Infiltrate Google Maps. It seems that creating huge QR codes which can only be fully seen from the air is the latest craze in QR code marketing. In the first story, a new social networking platform called Skanz painted a huge QR code as a publicity stunt. But the second article discusses a new service called Blue Marble which aims to use Google Earth and Google Maps as a marketing platform by installing huge QR codes on building rooftops.

While these sound like interesting gimmicks, we have to wonder about the effectiveness of rooftop QR code advertising. What do you think? Are these companies taking QR codes just a little too far?



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