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Business is a Game – PLAY IT!

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Monopoly, by the fun people at Parker Bros., has been turned into a thousand different versions since it hit the market in 1924. Produced in hundreds of different languages, it has been changed for Star Wars, different cities, cartoons, TV shows and just about everything else, so why not create one for your own company? Sure, there’s some copyright issues, but the spoofing law allows some leeway and as a holiday promotional gift, who’s to say Fender Guitar-opoly or Mexican Restaurant-opoly isn’t just plain fun?

Just think of the “Chance” and “Community Chest” cards one can come up with in planning a game your clients and prospects can play at lunch or with family? Because only an idiot would spend their hard-earned pass-Go money on those lousy utilities, why not come up with something that actually pays? Hey…that’s Life?

Come up with some rules that present players with some Risk! Create a virtual Candyland of delight and joy with your logo all over the place. A great promotion is no Trivial Pursuit when it comes to something people will talk about for years. When it comes to word of mouth advertising, you’ll have a Monopoly in your industry.

So, give us a call and let R and R Images take a Mystery Date and turn it into a deadline and we’ll create a package that will have hours of fun…ours and yours!



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