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Direct mail has value, but don’t forget the mobile side

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Debbie Simpson of Multi-Craft recently wrote an article on the continuing value of direct mail when targeted to opt-in lists. She makes some excellent points about the strength of leads generated through opt-in lists, the large percentage of people who prefer to receive direct mail over email and the less diluted nature of direct mail as compared to email.

The most interesting statistic in her article is the fact that 33% of consumers go online to respond to direct mail, and the number goes up 20% to 30% if pURLs are used. But let’s take that one step further: how many respondents are responding via a mobile device?

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Mobile is the fastest growing channel by far, and it doesn’t take much to find journalists, bloggers and industry analysts talking about it. Mobile Marketer wrote about mobile on the cusp of becoming the most dominant medium for both consumers and marketers. People are increasingly relying on their smartphones and tablets to go online for nearly any task they used to do on a laptop or desktop computer.

Ms. Simpson’s article didn’t include statistics for the number of consumers who respond via mobile device, but the implications for direct mail campaigns are very clear. Any direct mail contact with a consumer must lead to a mobile-friendly pURL or landing page. QR codes aren’t an absolute requirement, but they greatly reduce the effort required for a mobile device user to go from an offline mailer to an online page.

Mobile isn’t just here to stay, it’s here to dominate. When creating an integrated marketing strategy, pay attention to how mobile affects all aspects of it.



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