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Creativity is key

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Creativity is the key to great marketing. This sounds obvious, but with the ever-increasing ability of digital technology to collect and analyze data, creativity can easily be lost beneath a mountain of keywords, click-through rates and strategy based solely on data. In support of creativity, Matt Blint of RAPP recently wrote A Call for Creativity on Direct Marketing News. In his short but to-the-point article, he minces no words in reminding marketing professionals that the human element must not be lost.

Strategy and creative as a crosswordNot only do marketing solution providers need to keep this in mind, it’s also a good lesson for clients when working with their MSPs. True, a small- to mid-size business isn’t going to need a campaign as large as “Mac vs. PC”, but that doesn’t mean an MSP should crank out uninspired, keyword-laden copy just because it will rank well with Google. If you’re a client who is working with an MSP which is relying only on numbers and forgetting to include a healthy dose of creativity, now is the time to have a conversation about changing that situation.

Data should form the underpinnings of great marketing and an MSP should know how to collect and effectively analyze data from any channel used in a marketing campaign. But data is to a campaign as a building’s frame is to the final structure. The architectural creativity provides the human element and makes a building memorable. Marketing campaigns are similar; it’s the creativity which gives them true value.



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    Print Doctor  May 14, 2011

    As a writer of a Blog relating to print I would agree with you on every point. But there is no DIY fix to marketing. To do the job properly you need to consult a professional. However if the client has a clear idea about what they want that can only help!


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